Our Top 5 Questions about Air Freight Answered

As a freight forwarding provider, we receive frequent questions from people looking to make their first air freight transfer. Recently these numbers have increased which has encouraged us to share our answers – if we haven’t answered your question below, you can call our industry specialised team on (07) 3207 9537 and they’ll be able to help you.

Air freight involves moving cargo from Point A to Point B via aircraft. Using air freight, cargo is transported quickly across the globe, however whilst it may seem simple, the process can be very complicated.

Air Freight Cargo

1. How quickly can my cargo be transported by Air Freight?

Transit times vary depending on the route. When shipping by air freight, a shipment can often be booked on a direct flight to its destination usually in 24 hours; however, some flights are not direct and could include multiple stopovers which can increase the transit time up to 7 days. 

2. How extensive is your network?

 A freight forwarding company’s network is critical in their value towards you. This is because established relationships are required to facilitate the logistics between shipments, negating rates and being able to secure placement on shipments. If a freight forwarding company has a larger network it enables them to service their customers’ needs better. PFS has an extensive global air freight network with the ability to service almost any location.

3. Can you help with customs clearance?

Yes! We’re able to assist with organising customs clearance for your shipment – for specific information to your cargo speak to our specialist team on (07) 3207 9537 today, to hear how we’re able to help you.

4. What happens to lost or damaged goods in transit?

This situation changes depending on if you’re covered by insurance (marine insurance) for your shipment. We’ve partnered with Coverfreight to help assist make this complex process easier, as they’re our preferred supplier – you’re welcome to use an alternative marine cargo insurance provider.

If you are covered, then it would depend on your cover and you would submit a claim and wait for the insurance company’s investigation to be completed. If you are not covered for insurance then you are liable to the full cost of your cargo being lost or damaged in transit.  

5. What are the most common reasons for delays

There can be many causes for impacts of delays of cargo, shipments and flights when transporting freight.

    • Delays at port or the airport: congestion can cause delays at certain ports during peak seasons, impacting shipments being made as it compounds over time.
    • Goods need to be inspected by quarantine on arrival: if cargo is determined to be a risk, it will then be required to be inspected by quarantine. Followed by potentially being taken to a facility to receive treatment.
    • Missed shipments: this can occur due to tight turnaround times or missed deadlines.
    • Customs have opted to hold the cargo on arrival: it’s critical that all documentation is completed accurately and precisely for this reason.

Next Steps? 

If you’re looking for a quote or have a question that you would like assistance from our industry specialised team, please call (07) 3207 9537 today and we’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

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