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3 years ago

🔫 This 20' container arrived last week filled with Gel Blasters 🔫
#freightforwarder #import #restrictedcommodity #fun

3 years ago

Today we celebrate 6 years in business! Wow, what an incredible ride it has been. Filled with ups & downs, twists & turns. Throw COVID-19 into the mix and what a journey it has been.
PFS wouldn't ... See more

3 years ago
World's Biggest Containership | Mega Transports | Free Documentary

World's Biggest Containership - Documentary

Mega Transports: Biggest Containership | Engineering Documentary It is the largest heavy load transport on earth! The maiden voyage of the biggest containers...

3 years ago
Canton Fair–Registration Open

中国进出口商品交易会(广交会)| China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

3 years ago
Getting ready for Christmas

Tis the season to be early.

With all the changes we’ve faced this year, it’s safe to say this Christmas will be unlike any we’ve had before. We’re getting ready for the busy festive season ahead, and want to help you ... See more

3 years ago

This recent shipment of restricted goods was held by customs until the import permit was approved. Its best practice to have all import permits approved prior to export from origin. This avoids extra ... See more

3 years ago
Photo Shows FSO Nabarima With Severe List Off Venezuela

The FSO Nabarima containing over 1 million barrels of oil is now dangerously tilting and it at risk of capsizing in the gulf of Paria. A photo taken on the 13th October shows the tanker dangerously ... See more

An alarming photo is making the rounds on the internet today showing an idled Floating Storage and Offshore (FSO) vessel containing tens of million of gallons of oil with a severe list off the coas…

3 years ago

What kind of shoes does a Ninja wear? - Sneakers
This LCL shipment of shoes just arrived into Brisbane Port.

#punstoppable #freightforwarder #dadjoke #import #localbusiness

3 years ago

We don't just ship standard cartons, pallets & containers. PFS can handle oversized cargo globally. These 4x4 awnings are heading overseas to some lucky customers.

3 years ago

Did you know ? when exporting vehicles the battery must be disconnected prior to shipping. PFS can arrange loading & lashing into containers and ensure all export requirements are met. This holden ... See more

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