Personalised Freight Solutions

The team at Personalised Freight Solutions are dedicated and focused on listening to importers and exporters needs, as this enables them to gain a better understanding and allows them to familiarise themselves with their customers requirements. Creating a unique and stress-free experience is Personalised Freight Solutions highest priority.

Personalised Freight Solutions exhibits their Core Values in every interaction with both their customers and suppliers.

• Personalised
• Reliable
• Consistent
• Honest

From initial contact customers are provided one point of contact, a freight manager will ensure that the customer is “in the know” every step of the way and will personally address any questions or concerns as they arise immediately.
Personalised Freight Solutions job is to assist, educate and facilitate. Communicating ALL the information from initial enquiry will set expectation and limit “surprises” for both us and our customers.

Personalised Freight Solutions is an international freight forwarding company, simplifying the movement of cargo globally. Our services include import and export, sea and air freight, border clearances, and on ground trucking at both origin and destination.
165-171 Broadwater Terrace, Suite 8
Redland Bay
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