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Become more efficient with Personalised Freight Solutions air freight services. Our global networks enables us to be able to transport your cargo to meet your deadlines – from all of the world’s major routes. 

Just like any business decision, costs are a major consideration when you choose how to ship your goods. Although air freight offers some advantages over ocean freight, such as faster transit times, reliable delivery dates and less handling for high value products, it sometimes falls to the bottom of the list because of its cost. 

However, air freight is a flexible mode of transportation that can be customized to fit your needs. For example, if you look at air freight consolidations, you may find that the benefits push it to the top.

Find the right Air Freight Service for you:

Consolidation: Air freight cargo which share’s transport space with other parties / businesses – often this cargo travels in air cans on passenger flights. Some airlines offer cargo only services. 

Parcel (door to door): The transport process is managed by a third party logistics company – from picking up the cargo from your warehouse, transported to the airport and then the destination, customs clearance to delivery. Typically this mode suites smaller shipments consisting of 1-10 cartons. 

Oversized: or heavy cargo that requires special loading or handling via air freight services we cater for – if you would like to see the complete oversized air freight service offering we cater to, please speak to our specialist team today on (07) 3207 9537.

Charter:  When the whole entire aircraft is required, typically for very large time critical shipments consisting of Dangerous Goods , Heavy & over sized, Humanitarian Relief & to service remote destinations.

Why Personalised Freight Solutions?

We’re dedicated and focused on listening to the needs of our clients.What we say and share with our clients can be relied upon to be both factually accurate and also relevant to their needs.The manner in which we communicate across our organisation is to achieve the same consistency so that our clients are always in the know.Our service is offered with integrity. Becoming the trusted and preferred freight forwarder.

Do You Have Air Freight Insurance?

The safe arrival of your cargo is the most important thing to us – don’t be caught off guard and ensure you have the right insurance cover. We’re partnered with Coverfreight, which is our preferred cargo insurance provider for comprehensive cargo cover – this policy extends to all types of freight travel including sea, air, road, rail and post. 

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Air freight works by transporting goods using an aircraft to fly the cargo from one destination to another through a consolidated, door-to-door, oversized or charter service.
The primary advantage of air freight over other methods of transportation is the travel time - there is currently no method of travel which can provide shorter end-to-end time than chartered air freight delivery in cross continental deliveries. Air freight is also much more tightly regulated and policed than other types of freight which, as long as you are going with a trusted partner like PFS who knows how to navigate these regulations, can be seen as an advantage as it's generally safer and more reliable, whereas in for example Sea Freight, channels can become blocked and delay transit for days or weeks like the 2021 Suez Canal Incident.
Disadvantages of air freight are the prices are higher to account for fuel and air travel costs, higher levels of regulations and restrictions and limitations on carrying capacity of aircrafts. If you're comparing between air and sea freight for your international shipment - read our comparison between the two freight forwarding transport types, we share how to choose what's right for you.
To calculate air freight costs are based on the ‘chargeable weight’, which refers to the actual weight of your package or the volumetric weight, typically this depends on which amount is greater. The formula used to calculate your air cargo's volumetric weight is (L x W x H) divided by 6000

For Example
Volume of the shipment = 60 x 100 x 100 = 600,000 cubic centimeters.
Volumetric weight = 600,000/6000 = 100 kg.

You will also need to include and also account for the distance travelled, classification type, fuel costs, taxes and rates associated with the cargo thats being transported. If you would like a personalised quote or would like to speak to our industry specialised team to gauge what costs to expect to transport your goods via air freight call (07) 3207 9537 today and we’ll be happy to help you any way we can.
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