Customs Clearance Australia

With the assistance of a global partner network, Personalised Freight Solutions can Coordinate Customs & Quarantine clearance on arrival to all destination countries.

Our partner brokerage in Australia provide expert knowledge to ensure all arriving cargo is handled with the importers best interest in mind.

Services Include:

* Customs & DAFF Clearance
* Preparation & lodgement of Customs Declaration
* Co-ordinating clearance through department of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries & associated Government Departments
* Pre-shipment washing and inspection at country of origin

Useful Links:

Australian Customs

Australian Customs – Calculating Import Duty / GST

Australian Quarantine

Australian Quarantine – Examples of Acceptable Documentation

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The Customs Act 1901 provides that only the owner of goods or a customs broker licensed by the Comptroller-General of Customs for the Department of Home Affairs can submit an import declaration to enter goods for home consumption in connection with the importation of those goods. In Australia all customs brokers are licensed by the Department in line with Division 3 Part XI of the Customs Act. Most importers of goods choose to engage a customs broker to act on their behalf because of the complexity of the laws governing the importation of goods into Australia (similarly to those of most other countries) and the potential financial and other implications of lodging an incorrect entry. The Department issues licences subject to several mandatory conditions specified in the Customs Act; and the Comptroller-General of Customs may impose other conditions.
This involves the preparation and submission of all documents required to facilitate export or import into the country while representing the client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and the delivering of cargo from customs after a successful clearance.
The cost for customs clearance can vary depending on commodity, number of tariff lines, shipment type, number of suppliers & import type (commerical or personal effects). Typically between $140-200 is a fair price for customs clearance.
Documents required for customs clearance are: Commercial invoice, packing list, packing decleration, fumigation certificates if required and appropriate free trade agreement certificates.
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