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Personalised Freight Solutions has built a strong relationship in Melbourne and internationally, through our values of being: honest, consistent, reliable and personalised across thousands of successful freight journeys. 

You’re able to rely on us whether it’s your first time making an international shipment or you’re a seasoned professional looking for the best support and service – our successful past experience of thousands of Melbourne freight forwarding experience means we’re able to personalise our service to you. 

Contact Our Melbourne Freight Forwarding Team Today

Speak to our industry leading Melbourne and international freight forwarding team today by calling us directly on (07) 3207 9537. Alternatively, you’re able to request a call back by completing the form and we’ll reach out to you.  

Why Personalised Freight Solutions in Melbourne?


We’re dedicated and focused on listening to the needs of our clients. 


What we say and share with our clients can be relied upon to be both factually accurate and also relevant to their needs.


The manner in which we communicate across our organisation is to achieve the same consistency so that our clients are always in the know.


Our service is offered with integrity. Becoming the trusted and preferred freight forwarder.

Find Melbourne’s Best Custom Brokers and Agents

No matter what your specific requirements are – if you’re looking for support coordinating with customs and quarantine clearance for your international freight shipment – we’ll be able to support you through our global partner network.

See our range of services for customs clearance in Melbourne, – or alternatively, speak to us directly by calling us on (07) 3207 9537 or request a call back by completing our online form.

Looking for insurance when transporting cargo from Melbourne?

When trying to pick out the best insurance for transporting cargo internationally – whether in, or out of Melbourne. The process can be overwhelming for even seasoned professionals of transporting cargo – it’s for this reason Personalised Freight Solutions has partnered with Coverfreight (a comprehensive freight forwarding insurance company). 

We chose to partner with Coverfreight to support our customers through this process and make it easier for you. Whether you’re transporting your cargo by sea, air, road, rail or post – you’ll be able to find the right plan for your coverage.

Contact us today on (07) 3207 9537 or complete the form and our team will be able to assist you.

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Personalised Freight Solutions is an international freight forwarding company, simplifying the movement of cargo globally. Our services include import and export, sea and air freight, border clearances, and on ground trucking at both origin and destination.
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